Here we got the new OK Go musicvideo. In the beginning it remembers at STOMP, the video made me smile.


This beautiful animation short movie (or musicvideo) is part of the “How far would you go for LOVE” Project by Cartier. Here we got the musical interpretation of Air with the Waverly partnership who directed this artsy video. The illustrations are made by Irina Dakeva. I also recommend the making of, which you can find here.

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CS Session Live - Birdy Nam Nam - Le set

From The Basement

Radiohead performing their Album The King Of Limps at my favorite live location. Take yourself enough time to listen through. This shows how good they are live.


Nice WWF video


New Björk Video by Michel Gondry, enjoy!


I really like this house track, which allways sounded for me a lil melancholic, but also like enjoying the morning sun at the beach. At a party in the summer of 2008 I had a pretty long dj gig, where I decided to play “signature”. Most of the crowd was dancing, I had the feeling the really enjoy the song. At the end of the song some strange guys asked me if I could make a whole house dj set for a bigger party in the Ruhrpott, where I only play housemusic. I was pretty surprised and denied, I was pretty sure I would not enjoy that too much and I was not in need of cash. Some weeks later  I saw the video of “signature”… which changed the song for me and made me understand whey they asked me.

here is the link to the orginal music video


yeah! Beastie Boys are back (from future?) I am looking forward to the album and the 30 minute video clip.

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